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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Download PDF WatchOs By Tutorials Third Edition Making Apple Watch apps with watchOS 4 & Swift 4.2 Ray Wenderlich

WatchOs By Tutorials Third Edition Update for Swift 4
 WatchOs By Tutorials Third Edition Update for Swift 4

watchOS by Tutorials Third Edition Update for Swift 4

Scott Atkinson, Soheil Azarpour, Matthew Morey, Ben Morrow, Audrey Tam, Ryan Nystrom & Jack Wu
Copyright ©2017 Razeware LLC.

Download PDF book: WatchOs By Tutorials Second Edition Making Apple Watch apps with watchOS 4 & Swift 4, it's new book of Ray Wenderlich. Recently I bought all books from Ray Wenderlich. As you can see in the image above. Which includes WatchOs By Tutorials Third Edition And now I want to transfer it to you for $ 60 for bundle 10 books, All books are the latest version that supports swift 4.2 and have full source code.  I will share it for you for $ 60 Includes PDF, EPUB and full source code, you can download on Google Drive.

List bundle 10 books: Beginning IOS and Swift:

1, IOS 11 by Tutorials Ray Wenderlich
2, Swift Apprentice
3, Ios Apprentice
4, Tvos Apprentice 
5, WatchOs By Tutorials
6, Core Data By Tutorials
7, Ios Animations By Tutorials
8, 2D Apple Games By Tutorials
9, 3D Apple Games By Tutorials
10, Design Patterns by Tutorials

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Introducing the third edition

It's been about two years since we released the first edition of watchOS By Tutorials, but we're happy you're reading the new third edition, updated for watchOS 4 and Swift 4! Every single chapter in this book has been updated to Swift 4 to ensure it works flawlessly with Xcode 9 and watchOS 4.
We’ve added a few new chapters in this edition:
    • Chapter 17, Recording Audio: Now that you can perform inline audio recording in watchOS 4, we’ve created a dedicated chapter to showing you how to interact with this functionality in your own apps. This replaces the "Playing Audio and Video" chapter from the previous edition.
    • Chapter 21, Handoff Video Playback: We’ve expanded the original "Handoff" chapter and migrated some of the video portion from the previous edition’s "Playing Audio and Video" chapter. 

    •  Chapter 25, Core Bluetooth: In watchOS 4, you can pair and interact directly with Bluetooth LE devices. Learn how to send data and control instructions directly from the Watch to a BLE device! This chapter replaces the Haptic Feedback" chapter from the previous edition. 


In the old days you always had to install iTunes on your PC to update or sync your iPhone. There were neither over-the-air updates nor iCloud backup or synchronizations. Just as you thought those days were gone, Apple came out with Apple Watch — the tiniest member of the personal devices family. Despite its coolness and elegance, Apple Watch was clumsy. Except for telling time, you needed a paired iPhone to do literally anything. You were always presented with a loading spinner that would sometime go on for seconds, and the navigation was awkward and you had to drill down few pages on a tiny screen to get to your info.

In watchOS 2 we saw a leap forward and Watch apps started running on the Watch itself rather than the phone. At WWDC this year, one more time watchOS and Apple Watch were a big player and the center of many sessions. We see the direction Apple is going with Apple Watch is to ultimately make the watch independent of your iPhone. In watchOS 3 overall performance of the system is optimized and improved and apps are faster and more responsive. After you leave an app, the OS keeps the app in the background for approximately 8 minutes so it can be relaunched faster. There’s a new 2-second rule: user should be able to get everything they need from their app within 2 seconds. You now have access to CloudKit and can keep the watch in sync even when the phone isn't around, as long as user is on a known WiFi network.

Apple introduced a theme for this: “Glanceable, Actionable, Responsive”. Apps should present purposeful data to user so user can take action. The action doesn’t necessarily have to be an interaction with the watch itself. For example, taking your umbrella because the Weather app tells you it will rain is an action, and with rich animations available in watchOS 3 now, thanks to SpriteKit and SceneKit, it is even easier to communicate more complex concepts within 2 seconds. For example, a flight app may show an animated plane taking off to communicate departure.

Core Data By Tutorials Fourth Edition IOS 11 and Swift 4 edittion

 Book overview

The Apple Watch is still a relatively new platform, and watchOS 3 is the latest iteration of the OS powering the amazing hardware, built on a unique architecture, with lots of new and unusual concepts and paradigms. Here’s what you’ll be learning about in this book:

watchOS by Tutorials Book Overview

How to use this book

This book can be read from cover to cover, but we don't recommend using it this way unless you have a lot of time and are the type of person who just "needs to know everything". (It's okay; a lot of our tutorial team is like that, too!)

Instead, we suggest a more pragmatic approach — pick and choose the chapters that interest you the most, or the chapters you need immediately for your current projects. The chapters are self-contained, so you can go through the book in any order you wish. 

Looking for some recommendations of important chapters to start with? Here's our suggested Core Reading List:

• Chapter 1, "Hello, Apple Watch!"
• Chapter 2, "Designing Great Watch Apps"
• Chapter 3, "Architecture"
• Chapter 6, "Layout"
• Chapter 7, "Tables"
• Chapter 13, "Watch Connectivity"
• Chapter 15, "Complications"

That covers the "Big 7" topics of watchOS 3; from there you can dig into other topics of particular interest to you. 

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