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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Free Download Mastering Android Game Development with Unity PDF, EPUB

Book Details 
             TitleMastering Android Game Development with Unity
         Author: Siddharth Shekar, Wajahat Karim
     Publisher: Published by Packt Publishing Ltd.
    Language: English
        SubjectAndroid, Game
No. of pages: 450
         Format: PDF, EPUB

What this book covers 

Chapter 1, Introduction to Android Game Development with Unity3D, covers the basic concepts of Android game development, a brief history of Android games, the building blocks of Android games in Unity3D, and the basic flow of games.

Chapter 2, Finishing the Perky Penguin 2D Game, extends 2D game development by finishing the Jetpack Joyride clone game. The chapter introduces various topics, such as particle systems, camera management, prefabs, animations, triggers, colliders, and basic GUI systems. 

Chapter 3, Player Character for Action Fighting Game, covers the basic setup for 3D action fighting game, importing models and textures, setting rigging for the characters, applying animations on models, and controlling the player character with a virtual on-screen joystick. 

Chapter 4, Enemy Character with AI, covers the aspect of creating the enemy model of the game from importing models to applying animations to decision making with AI. 

Chapter 5, Gameplay, UI, and Ef ects, shows how to finish the gameplay loop, add a UI, add text for scoring the game, and add particle effects to the game. 

Chapter 6, GameScene and SceneFlow, covers the creation of MainMenu Scene, explains Options Scene, and demonstrates how to transition between the scenes in the game. 

Chapter 7, Gamestats, Social, IAP and Ad integration, demonstrates how to save in-game progress, add social media integration such as Facebook and Twitter, ad integration, and In-App purchases to add monetization. 

Chapter 8, Sound, Finishing Touches, and Publishing, lets us add finishing touches to the game and add sound. We will see how to run the game on the device and publish the game to the Android Play Store.

What you need for this book 

You will need the latest version of Unity, which you can download from their website, and a computer that can run Unity. A basic understanding of C# is required as the code in this book is written in C#. Although the game can run on an Android emulator, to see the actual performance of the game, an Android device would be required

Who this book is for 

This book is geared toward novice or intermediate Unity3D developers who want to expand their knowledge of Unity3D and create high-end, complex Android games. You are expected to have a basic or intermediate understanding of Unity3D, working with its environment, basic concepts such as Game Objects and Prefabs, Unity Scripting using C# or JavaScript, and how to develop basic 2D/3D games using Unity3D. 

The book is very useful for those Unity developers who have created basic/simple games for Android and want to learn the ins and outs and core components of high-end complex games that have features such as detailed animations, multiple levels, character abilities, enemy weaknesses, intelligent AI, achievements, leaderboards, and a lot more.

Introduction to Android Game Development with Unity3D 

In today's era of smartphones, which once was the era of computers, almost everyone on the planet is holding a smartphone in their hands. About 1 billion Android phones have been sold in 2014, which is a huge audience for developers who work on Android. These developers put their effort into creating high utility apps, which solves the problems of their users or addicting and fun games and allows players to pass the time having fun and enjoying good interactive experiences. This book is mainly focused on covering the latter part, creating addictive fun games, by using a very famous game engine called Unity3D. 

This chapter includes the following topics. 

Introduction to Android 
Unity3D and Game Engines 
Basics of Unity Game Development 
Configuration of Empty Game Projects 
Starting the Perky Penguin Game 
Adding the Penguin to the Game

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