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Monday, May 7, 2018

Download Programming React Native - Dotan Nahum PDF, EPUB, Mobi File and Full Source Code

Download Programming React Native

Book Details 
             TitleProgramming React Native
         Author:  Dotan Nahum
     Publisher: Leanpub book
    Language: English
        Subject: React Native, Swift / Computers & Technology / Programming
No. of pages: 172
         Format:  PDF, EPUB, Mobi File and Full Source Code

About This Book

Writing a book about a bleeding-edge technology is difficult. Some one said: “If you build with bleeding edge, expect there to be some blood spilt”. While I wouldn’t go that far, I would say this:
  • React Native updated 6 versions while writing this book (several months)
  • The first version of React Native had a completely different project structure, and the book samples looked completely different
APIs were broken each time and again, and the samples got rewritten until they felt a little dirty
At first, this book looked completely different. It used to look like this:

• Introduction
• React principles
• React Native getting started
• A step-by-step build out of the showcase app • Advanced topics

I soon found out that this structure is highly unreliable, since changes in React Native and the Javascript ecosystem doomed it to change very frequently.

How To Build a Book for Bleeding Edge?
Well, this is what I did, eventually.
  1. Do away with step-by-step and assume readers are coming with experience and have a hacker mentality. From my experience writing this book, I can definitely say that the beginner “walkthrough” and “learning” type books that are out there right now, by now, are probably worth nothing (unless they get updated every two weeks).
  2. Throw away every Javascript component and library that didn’t di- rectly serve the purpose of React Native out the door. This meant:
  3. Testing doesn’t appear in this book (at the time of writing the way
    to test is still being invented. Currently people use Mocha, a custom React Native mock components, and Enzyme)
  4. A Flux framework is not included, however the codebase clearly resembles a flavor-less Flux
  5. Focus on: why, context, how, and patterns. Focus on things that will remain, while the bleeding edge dust settle even a year from now.
  6. Invest more time in advanced, low-level topics, because these will change less frequently than user-facing API surface-area.
How To Read This Book?

With that out of the way, you can read this book cover to cover, or you can skim it, or you can just read the advanced chapters and rely on the various up-to-date tutorials out there that go over the basics of building a React Native. I maintain the Awesome-React-Native3 list which hold many of these, so that you can just go that and pick a tutorial or a sample app you like. 

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