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Friday, June 1, 2018

App Architecture - iOS Application Design Patterns in Swift - book

App Architecture
App Architecture

Book Details 
             TitleApp Architecture
         Author:  Chris Eidhof, Matt Gallagher, and Florian Kugler
    Language: English
        SubjectSwift / Computers & Technology / Programming / Apple Programming
No. of pages: 226
         Format: PDF, Epub, full souce code

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About This Book

This book is about application architecture: the structures and tools used to bring smaller components together to form an application. Architecture is an important topic in app development since apps typically integrate a large number of diverse components: user events, network services, file services, audio services, graphics and windowing services, and more. Integrating these components while ensuring state and state changes are reliably and correctly propagated between them requires a strong set of rules about how the components should interoperate.

Application Design Patterns

Sets of repeatedly applied design rules are called design patterns, and in this book, we will present an application that’s fully implemented in five major application design patterns, which range from well established to experimental. These are:

Model-View-ViewModel+Coordinator(MVVM-C) Model-View-Controller+ViewState(MVC+VS)

The abstract block diagrams commonly used to describe application design patterns at the highest level do little to describe how these patterns are applied to iOS applications. To see what the patterns are like in practice, we’ll take a detailed look at typical program flows in each of them.

We’ll also look at a range of different patterns to show that there is no single best approach for writing programs. Any of the patterns could be the best choice depending upon the goals, desires, and constraints of you, your program, and your team. Application design patterns are not just a set of technical tools; they are also a set of aesthetic and social tools that communicate your application to you and to other readers of your code. As such, the best pattern is often the one that speaks most clearly to you 

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