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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

ARKit By Tutorials Third Edition Update Swift 5.1 IOS 13 and Xcode 11 by Ray Wenderlich

ARKit By Tutorials
ARKit By Tutorials

Book Details 
             TitleARKit By Tutorials Second Edition
         Author: Chris Language, Namrata Bandekar, Antonio Bello & Tammy Coron
     PublisherRazeware LLC
    Language: English
        SubjectSwift / Computers & Technology / Programming / Apple Programming
         Format: PDF, EPUB, Full Source code

Recently I bought a set of 10 books advanced IOS and Swift bundle by Ray Wenderlich. As you can see in the image above, which includes ARKit By Tutorials Second Edition Update Swift 5.1 IOS 13 and Xcode 11. And now I want to transfer it to you for $ 60 (10 books), All books are the latest version that supports swift 4.2 and have full source code.  I will share it for you for $ 60 Includes PDF, EPUB file and full source code, you can download on Google Drive, When any book have new version, i will get it for you.

List books: 

1, Advanced Apple Debugging
2, Server Side Swift with Vapor
3, Push Notifications by Tutorials
4, Arkit books 
5, Data Structures and Algorithms in Swift
6, Realm Building Modern Swift Apps with Realm
7, RxSwift Reactive Programming with Swift
8, Metal by Tutorials
9, Machine Learning by Tutorials
10, Advanced iOS App Architecture

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Thank you.

Section I: Getting Started with ARKit!

Welcome to the first section of the book where you’ll get your feet wet by learning all about the amazing power of ARKit.

• Chapter 1: Hello ARKit!: You’ll start off at the very beginning with a guided tour of what augmented reality is and how ARKit can help. You’ll also learn about the limitations of ARKit, which is equally important.

• Chapter 2: Your First ARKit App: Once you’ve covered the basics, you’ll get your hands dirty by creating your own ARKit app. This will be the start of creating a fun augmented reality poker dice table-top game.

• Chapter 3: Basic Session Management: Here, you’ll learn about session management, an essential part of every ARKit app. Not only will your app comply with the basic requirements, but it will also provide the users with a seamless AR experience.

• Chapter 4: Adding 3D Objects and Textures: Next, you’ll add some basic 3D objects to your project. You’ll also create some materials and learn about the different types of textures used in PBR-based materials.

• Chapter 5: Detecting Surfaces: In this chapter, you’ll learn how to detect and manage surfaces — like floors, walls and tables — with ARKit. Once you know how to do that, you’ll know where (and how) to place AR content within the scene.

• Chapter 6: Adding Physics: Finally, you’ll add physics to your virtual content. With physics, you can make things bounce off of surfaces or interactive with other virtual contents, just like the real thing.

Well, what are you waiting for? Jump in!

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