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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Download Beginning Arkit Iphone Ipad Development

Book Details 
        Book: Beginning Arkit Iphone Ipad Development
        Author: Wallace Wang
        Pub Date: 2018
        ISBN: 978-1484241011
        Pages: 489
        Language: English
        Format: PDF/EPUB
        Size: 20 Mb

This is book is dedicated to everyone who has an idea for an app but didn’t know what to do first or how to get started. First, believe in your idea. Second, trust that you have intelligence to achieve your dream even if you don’t know how you’ll get there. Third, keep learning and improving your skills all the time. Fourth, stay focused. Success will come one day as long as you persist and never give up on yourself.

ARKit By Tutorials Second Edition Update Swift 4.2 IOS 12 and Xcode 10 by Ray Wenderlich


Understanding Augmented Reality and ARKit

You may have heard of virtual reality (VR), but there’s a similar innovation that’s appearing on mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad that’s called augmented reality (AR). Although they may rely on similar technology, virtual reality and augmented reality offer vastly different uses in everyday life.
Virtual reality works by forcing users to strap a device around their head like an alien facehugger. Such VR headsets completely isolate the user from his or her surroundings and immerses the user in a completely fictional world. NASA uses virtual reality to train astronauts to explore the surface of Mars, while American football teams are experimenting with virtual reality to train quarterbacks to re-experience plays without actually going out on a field and risking physical injury. By practicing skills in a virtual reality world, users can safely make mistakes and learn from them without any physical consequences.
The huge drawback with virtual reality is that to use it, you must be in a safe place such as in a home or office. Because VR headsets isolate you from your surroundings, using virtual reality essentially blindfolds you. You can’t use virtual reality while driving, walking, or operating aehicle of any kind. Because you need to wear a VR headset, you can only use virtual reality wherever you can safely stand or sit without worrying about interference from outside elements such as other people or moving vehicles. For that reason, virtual reality’s uses are limited to fixed locations where users can remain safe while they immerse themselves in another world.
On the other hand, augmented reality is designed to interact with the world around you. Augmented reality lets you view the real world but with additional information overlaid over reality to help you better understand what you’re looking at.
For example, a measuring cup is a simple version of augmented reality. By pouring liquid in a transparent cup with measurement units printed
on the outside, you can accurately measure the amount of any liquid in the cup, as shown in Figure 1-1. Without the measurement units printed on the outside of the transparent cup, you would never know exactly how much liquid the cup contains. 

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