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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Download Push Notifications By Tutorial Second Edition Update for IOS 13 Xcode 11 and Swift 5.1

Push Notifications By Tutorial
Push Notifications By Tutorial

Book Details 
             TitlePush Notifications By Tutorial
         Author: Scott Grosch
     PublisherRazeware LLC
    Language: English
        SubjectSwift / Computers & Technology / Programming / Apple Programming
         Format: PDF, EPUB, Full Source code

Recently I bought a set of 10 books advanced IOS and Swift bundle by Ray Wenderlich. As you can see in the image above, which includes Push Notifications By Tutorial First Edition Update for IOS 13 Xcode 11 and Swift 5. And now I want to transfer it to you for $ 60 (10 books), All books are the latest version that supports swift 5 and have full source code.  I will share it for you for $ 60 Includes PDF, EPUB file and full source code, you can download on Google Drive, When any book have new version, i will get it for you.

List books: 

1, Advanced Apple Debugging
2, Server Side Swift with Vapor
3, Push Notifications by Tutorials
4, Arkit books 
5, Data Structures and Algorithms in Swift
6, Realm Building Modern Swift Apps with Realm
7, RxSwift Reactive Programming with Swift
8, Metal by Tutorials
9, Machine Learning by Tutorials
10, Advanced iOS App Architecture

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Thank you.

Chapter1: Introduction

Push notifications are one of the most important interaction points of your app with your users. Simply put, a push notification is a way to send any type of data to your user’s app, even if the user isn’t actively using it. The user will normally see the push notification appear as a banner alert on the device, a badge on the app icon and/or a sound. Push notifications are a direct line of communication to your user. You can alert the user of new content, new messages from friends or any other interesting piece of information. Notifications also provide users with a quick way to interact with your app and allow for faster interaction via background data downloads. 

Conversely, notifications can be a bane to app retention — meaning how likely a user is to continue using your app – if you send them too frequently or use them in a way that’s not useful to your customers. For example, if you send notifications about app version upgrades or messages just telling them new content is available, that will lead to bad user experiences. 

Push notifications may seem simple and straightforward at first because they aren’t hard to use and almost everyone is familiar with them; however, knowing how and when to use them may prove challenging. With advancements in the latest iOS releases bringing some exciting advanced features — such as Rich Media Notifications, Notification Actions, Grouped Notifications and more — you may quickly realize that you need a book to help you out. Well, here’s that book! 

In this book, you’ll learn everything you need in order to create, send and receive push notifications, meaning notifications that come from an external service as opposed to locally from the device. You’ll also cover how to handle local notifications because, sometimes, you don’t need all the overhead of a remote notification; rather, it’s enough to simply schedule a notification to appear at a specific point in the future or when you enter a specific location. 

Once you’ve worked your way through this book, you’ll be a master of push notifications and well on your way to implementing them inside your own apps!

However, as helpful as this book may be and as great as push notifications can be, it’s critical that you always keep in mind that the user may never receive your notification. Not only can your users opt-out of them at any point in time, there is no guarantee your push notifications will be delivered. What this means, as a developer, is that you can’t depend on push notifications for your app to function properly — but this doesn’t mean your push notifications shouldn’t be well-made and used responsibly, which is what will be covered in this book. 

Getting started 

To follow along with the tutorials in this book, you’ll need a Mac computer capable of running Xcode. You can get the latest version of Xcode for free from the Mac App Store ( While there are other platforms for developing iOS apps, none are officially supported by Apple and will not be covered in this book. 

For the purposes of following these tutorials, please note that Apple’s iOS Simulator is not capable of receiving push notifications, meaning that you’ll need a physical iOS device — such as an iPhone or iPad — along with a paid Apple Developer account, in order to create a Push Notifications certificate and run any of the apps included in this book. 

You will also need an intermediate level of knowledge of Swift and iOS development. This book makes the assumption that you are already an experienced iOS developer and are simply looking for details on implementing push notifications in your apps, or looking for a great reference when working on your app’s notifications 

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