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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

SwiftUI By Tutorials

SwiftUI By Tutorials
SwiftUI By Tutorials

Book Details 
             TitleSwiftUI By Tutorials Ray Wenderlich
         Author: By Antonio Bello, Phil Laszkowicz, Bill Morefield & Audrey Tam
     PublisherRazeware LLC
    Language: English
        SubjectSwift / Computers & Technology / Programming / Apple Programming
         FormatPDF, EPUB, Full source code

Recently I bought a set of 3 books Advanced iOS Summer Bundle 2019. As you can see in the image above, which includes SwiftUI By Tutorials Ray Wenderlich. And now I want to transfer it to you for $ 25 (3 books), All books are the latest version and have full source code.  I will share it for you for $ 25 Includes PDF, EPUB file and full source code, you can download on Google Drive. When any book have new version, i will get it for you.

List 3 books:
1, SwiftUI by Tutorials
2, Combine Asynchronous Programming with Swift
3, Catalyst By Tutorials
Please contact me by Email: truonghang0207@gmail.com

Thank you

Chapter2: Getting Started

SwiftUI is some of the most exciting news since Apple first announced Swift in 2014. It's an enormous step towards Apple's goal of getting everyone coding; it simplifies the basics so that you can spend more time on custom features that delight your users.
If you're reading this book, you're just as excited as I am about developing apps with this new framework. This chapter will get you comfortable with the basics of creating a SwiftUI app and (live-) previewing it in Xcode. You'll create a small color-matching game, inspired by our famous BullsEye app from our book iOS Apprentice. The goal of the app is to try and match a randomly generated color by selecting colors from the RGB color space

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