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Monday, March 23, 2020

Beginning App Development with Flutter

Beginning App Development with Flutter
Beginning App Development with Flutter 

Book Details 
             TitleBeginning App Development with Flutter
         Author: Rap Payne
     Publisher: Hacking with Swift
    Language: English
No. of pages: 309
         Format: PDF, Epub

Beginning App Development with Flutter: Create Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

This book is dedicated to the men and women of the Flutter Community. I’ve never seen a group more devoted to the success of others. You’re an inspiration and example to me.

Particular thanks to these members of the community who’ve helped me with Flutter issues. This Texan owes y’all!

Andrew “Red” Brogdon (Columbus, Ohio), Brian Egan (Montana),
Emily Fortuna (San Francisco),
Frederik Schwieger (Düsseldorf, Germany),
Jeroen “Jay” Meijer (Rotterdam, Netherlands), Martin Rybak (New York), Martin Jeret (Estonia), Nash Ramdial (Trinidad), Nilay Yenner (San Francisco), Norbert Kozsir (Karlsruhe, Germany), Pooja Bhaumik (Bengaluru, India), Raouf Rahiche (Casablanca by way of Algeria), Remi Rousselet (Paris), Rohan Tanaja (Berlin), Scott Stoll (Cleveland, Ohio),
But especially Simon Lightfoot (London), who we all call “The Flutter Whisperer” He taught me much of what I know about Flutter. 

What is covered?

This book teaches you how to create fully functioning and feature-rich apps that run on iOS, Android, and the Web. We do this in three sections.

Part I: Introduction to Flutter
  1. Hello Flutter – We’re setting the stage for the book. Giving you a feel for why you’re here. What problems does Flutter solve? Why the boss would choose Flutter vs. some other solution.
  2. Developing in Flutter – Flutter has a unique set of tools, but it isn’t always straightforward what each tool does and how to use it. This chapter guides you through the process of write-debug-test-run. We get an understanding of the tooling including installation and maintenance.
Part II: Foundational Flutter
3. Everything Is Widgets – Widgets are super important to Flutter since they’re the building blocks of every Flutter app. We show why and provide the motivation and basic tools to create widgets. Topics include composition, UI as code, widget types, keys, and stateless vs. stateful widgets.

  1. Value Widgets – A deep dive into widgets that
    hold a value, especially user-input fields. Topics include the pubspec.yaml file; Text, Image, and Icon widgets; and how to create forms in Flutter.

  2. Responding to Gestures – How to make your program do things in response to user actions like taps, swiping, pinching, and the like. We’ll show you the button family and the GestureDetector widget.
  3. Laying Out Your Widgets – We’ll learn how to lay out a view, controlling how widgets are placed side by side and/or above and below, defining the amount of space between widgets, and aligning them vertically and horizontally.
  4. Navigation and Routing – Navigation is making the app hide one widget and show another in response to user actions. This makes them feel like they’re moving from one scene to another. We’ll cover stack navigation, tab navigation, and drawer navigation.
  5. Styling Your Widgets – Then we’ll look at how to control each widget’s color, borders, decorations, shapes, and other presentational characteristics. We handled light styling as we introduced each widget earlier, but this is where we answer all the questions needed to get a real-world app looking good and staying consistent throughout with themes.
  6. Managing State – How to get data from one widget to another and how to change that data. We cover how to create StatefulWidgets and design them in the best way. We also provide a high-level overview of tools to handle real-world complex state management.

Part III: Above and Beyond
  1. Your Flutter App Can Work with Files – Using libraries. Futures, async, await. Bundling files with your app. Reading and writing a file. JSON serialization.
  2. Making RESTful API Calls with Ajax – How to read from and write to an HTTP API server. This is where we show how to make GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, and PATCH requests.
  3. Using Firebase with Flutter – We will show you a real-world, robust cloud solution that works like a dream with Flutter. No surprise that it is also a Google offering. 

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