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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Hello Swift!: iOS app programming for kids and other beginners

Book Details 
             TitleHello Swift!: iOS app programming for kids and other beginners
         AuthorTanmay Bakshi
    Language: English
        SubjectSwift / Computers & Technology / Programming / Apple Programming
No. of pages: 400
         Format: PDF, EPUB, Source code

Writing a book is a journey that, unless you have passion and love for, I’d say is difficult and unreasonable. My passion and drive were to create a book for those who don’t know anything, or little, about computers and programming so that they can understand programming, create meaningful apps, and take off to higher levels. I want the book to be a kick-starter for those who want to start writing apps but face roadblocks when they pick up a book or another resource to start learning. Moreover, the useful knowledge about programming with Swift is scattered in pieces across the internet, and I wanted it to be accessible as a unified package, in sequence. This was my motive to write the book, and to the best of my abilities, I’ll support it through the liveBook Discussion Forum by answering your questions and solving the problems that you’ll encounter in your journey of learning.

Objective-C was the first language that took me ahead a great deal. I started learning it at the age of 8, and I had my first app, tTables (times-tables practice app), accepted in the App Store when I was 9. The app helped me in my studies, so I wanted to share it. I also have a goal of reaching out to and helping at least 100,000 beginners to help them learn how to code, so I started writing a book on Objective-C as one way to achieve this goal. The moment that Apple released Swift, a new programming language that lets people write apps for its devices, I immediately got to it. I found that Swift was easier and faster to learn than Objective-C, and it had Apple’s full support, so it was a much better choice for the new learner. Soon, Apple open sourced Swift, making it even more popular. Apple provided library support for graphics, animations, games, and even CoreML to support developing artificial-intelligence-based apps, too. Today, Swift is one of the top choices for learners and professionals alike. After you learn it, you’re all set to create apps for devices such as the iPhone, iPad, macOS, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Because Swift is open source, you can create apps for Linux, Windows, or Android as well.

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