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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Swift 5 Protocol Oriented Programming - Video Course

Swift 5 Protocol Oriented Programming
Swift 5 Protocol Oriented Programming

Book Details 
             TitleSwift 5 Protocol Oriented Programming
         Author: Paul Hudson
     Publisher: Hacking with Swift
    Language: English
        SubjectSwift / Computers & Technology / Programming / Apple Programming
             Size: 309 MB
         Format: Video

Topics include:

Comparing OOP with POP
Adopting a protocol
Working with generic types
Using generics with protocols
Implementing an app using POP
Integrating a fallback service

 Table of Contents

1 Benefits Protocol-oriented programming
2 What you should know
3 What is protocol-oriented programming
4 Introducing the protocol
5 Adopting protocols
6 Conforming to protocols via extensions
7 Understanding polymorphism
8 Protocol inheritance
9 Adopting multiple protocols
10 Protocol extensions
11 Challenge Removing tight coupling
12 Solution Removing tight coupling
13 Why protocols
14 From unstructured code to POP
15 Designing with classes First try
16 Designing with classes Subclassing
17 The benefits of thinking in protocols
18 Highlighting the differences
19 The importance of generics
20 Defining generic functions and methods
21 Working with generic types
22 Placeholder types in protocols
23 Using generics with protocols
24 Challenge Implementing a generic stack
25 Solution Implementing a generic stack
26 Weather app design
27 Defining the UI using SwiftUI
28 The WebServiceController protocol
29 Working with a third-party API
30 Implementing the OpenWeatherMap controller
31 Completing the OpenWeatherMap controller
32 Introducing the view model
33 Presenting weather data
34 Challenge Integrating a fallback service
35 Solution Integrating a fallback service
36 Next steps

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