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app design apprentice

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Title: App Design Apprentice
Author: Rajiv Patel
Language: English
Format: PDF, EPUB, Resource

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In this beginner-level book for non-designers, we’ll guide you through designing modern mobile-app UI and UX using fundamental design principles.

Table of Contents App Design Apprentice Books

1. Explore the App Design Apprentice book structure with an outline for each chapter. Learn to set up your design workspace in Figma, including how to access the project files, to dig into the design tools straight away!

2. Get an introduction of key tools such the shapes, frames, sizing, alignment, colors, and layers. Trace over provided screenshots to study layout and to identify other visual elements.

3. Create wireframes of a few screens and the components that make up the screens. Create a scaffold of the app flow by defining the navigation between different screens.

4. Learn to create and use reusable components for things like buttons and toolbars. Incorporate sample text and image data for more realism.

5. Typography App Design Apprentice basics for communicating hierarchy, order, and emphasis. Color basics with common practices and creating palettes. Creating visual styles for consistency throughout the app.

6. Explore the prototyping tools to create a full app walkthrough. Create different transitions between screens to communicate orientation and the relationship among elements.

7. Leverage the collaboration tools to test designs and solicit feedback considering the app goals and overall user experience. Test across multiple devices.

8.Overview of design systems and visual language, including highlights from Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines, and Google’s Material design. Best practices for creating good “native” app experience in each ecosystem. Cover creating your own design system for larger projects or distributed teams.

9. Hone the fit and finish by iterating and exploring advanced techniques. Export assets, and code and prep for implementation.

10. Review the lessons learned and how to apply them when starting from scratch, and gain insight into continued learning and tips for mastering design skills.