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Title: Flutter Dummies Barry Burd
ISBN-10: 942878347
Author: Barry Burd
Language: English
No. of pages: 387
Format: PDF, EPUB

Introduction Flutter Dummies Books

On December 5, 2018, at an annual developers’ event in London, Google announced the release of Flutter 1.0. Between December 5 and the end of December, the number of page visits to the official flutter.io website

jumped from 2.3 million to 4.7 million. In the following year, the number of posts about Flutter on the Stack Overflow developers’ website increased by 70 percent, exceeding the count of posts about React Native — the most popular alternative to Flutter.

Companies such as Capital One, Alibaba, Groupon, and Philips Hue use Flutter to develop mobile apps. The official app for the musical Hamilton is written using Flutter. Google’s next mobile operating system, code-named Fuchsia, is based on Flutter. An estimated 200 million users run apps written in Flutter. More than 250,000 developers write Flutter code, and the Google Play Store has over 3,000 Flutter apps.

Are you interested in developing Flutter apps? If so, you’re in good company.

How to Use Flutter Dummies Book

You can attack this book in either of two ways: Go from cover to cover or poke around from one chapter to another. You can even do both. Start at the beginning and then jump to a section that particularly interests you. This book was designed so that the basic topics come first, and the more-involved topics follow them. But you may already be comfortable with some basics, or you may have specific goals that don’t require you to know about certain topics.

In general, my advice is this:

» If you already know something, don’t bother reading about it.

» If you’re curious, don’t be afraid to skip ahead. You can always sneak a peek at an earlier chapter, if you need to do so.

Conventions Used in This Book

Almost every technically themed Flutter For Dummies books starts with a little typeface legend, and Flutter For Dummies is no exception. What follows is a brief explanation of the typefaces used in this book:

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  • »  New terms are set in italics.
  • »  If you need to type something that’s mixed in with the regular text, the charactersyou type appear in bold. For example: “Type MyNewProject in the text field.”
  • »  You also see this computerese font. I use computerese for Flutter code, filenames, onscreen messages, and other such text. Also, if something you need to type is really long, it appears in computerese font on its own line (or lines).
  • »  You may need to change certain characters when you type them on your own computer keyboard. For instance, I may ask you to typefinal String anyname;which means that you type final String, and then a name that you make up on your own, and then a semicolon. Words you need to replace with your own wordsaresetinitalicized computerese.What You Don’t Have to Read Pick the first chapter or section that has material you don’t already know, and start reading there. Of course, you may hate making decisions as much as I do. If so, here are some guidelines you can follow Flutter For Dummies books:
  • »  If you already know what kind of an animal Flutter is and you don’t care what happens behind the scenes when a Flutter app runs: Skip Chapter 1 and go straight to Chapter 2. Believe me — I won’t mind.
  • »  If you already know how to get a Flutter app running: Skip Part 1 and start with Part 2.
  • »  If you’ve already tinkered with some simple Flutter apps: Skim over Chapter 1, and then go to Part 3. Chapter 1 pulls together the bits and pieces that you’ve read about Flutter, and Part 3 takes you beyond the very basics.
  • »  If you have experience writing Flutter apps: Come to my house and help me write Flutter For Dummies, 2nd Edition.If you want to skip the sidebars and the paragraphs with Technical Stuff icons, please do. In fact, if you want to skip anything at all, feel free.