All IOS books from Ray Wenderlich latest version include PDF, EPUB and Full source code


Recently I bought all books learn IOS,  tutorial from Ray Wenderlich, And now I want to transfer it for you. All books are the latest version have full source code. If any book have new version, i will get it free for you. you can payment via Paypal or bitcoin. Please check the books list and prices below

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$60-Bundle 1: Beginning IOS and Swift Bundle

1, iOS App Distribution
2, Swift Apprentice
3, Ios Apprentice
4, Tvos Apprentice
5, WatchOs By Tutorials
6, Core Data By Tutorials
7, Ios Animations By Tutorials
8, 2D Apple Games By Tutorials
9, 3D Apple Games By Tutorials
10, Design Patterns by Tutorials
11, UIkit Apprentice

$60-Bundle 2: Advance IOS and Swift

1, Advanced Apple Debugging
2, Server Side Swift with Vapor
3, Push Notifications by Tutorials
4, Arkit books
5, Data Structures and Algorithms in Swift
6, Realm Building Modern Swift Apps with Realm
7, RxSwift Reactive Programming with Swift
8, Metal by Tutorials
9, Machine Learning by Tutorials
10, Advanced iOS App Architecture

$30 – Bundle 3: Advanced iOS Mini Bundle

1, Advanced iOS App Architecture
2, Machine Learning by Tutorials
3,Concurrency by Tutorials
4,iOS Test-Driven Development

$15-Bundle 4: Flutter Bundle

1, Dart Apprentice 
2, Fluter Apprentice

$20-Bundle 5: Mega Unity Bundle:

1, Unity Games By Tutorials Make 4 complete unity games
2, Beat ’Em Up Game Starter Kit – Unity
3, Unity AR & VR by Tutorials

$60-Bundle 6: Android And Kotlin Bundle:

1, kotlin apprentice
2, Android apprentice
3, Advanced Android App Architecture
4, Kotlin Coroutines by Tutorials
5, Reactive Programming with Kotlin
6, Saving Data on Android
7, Android Test-Driven Development by Tutorials
8, Data Structures and Algorithms in Kotlin
9, Git Apprentice
10, Advance git
11, App design

$20-Bundle 7: New android bundle

1, Dagger by tutorial
2, Jetpack compose by tutorial
3, Real World Android By Tutorial

$50-Bundle 8 books from

1, App Architecture + Video
2, Thinking in swiftui + Video
3, Advanced Swift + Video
4, Functional Swift
5, Core Data
6, Optimizing Collections

$25-Bundle 9: RWdevcon 2018

$15 -bundle 10: Server Side Swift

1, Server Side Swift with Vapor
2, Server Side Swift with Kitura

$15-Bundle 11: Advanced iOS Summer Bundle

1, SwiftUI by Tutorials
2, Combine: Asynchronous Programming with Swift
3, Catalyst by Tutorials

$15-Bundle 12:

1, Git Apprentice
2, Advance git
3, Living by the code

$40-bundle 13-: Swift UI from and bundle Professional


$20-bundle 14: The Clean Swift Handbook from

$30-Bundle 15: Advanced Swift Learn At Home Bundle

1, Machine Learning by Tutorials
2, Mastering Git
3, Auto Layout by Tutorials
4, Apple Augmented Reality by Tutorials
5, App Design Apprentice