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Title: Getting Started Widgetkit
Author: Sagun Raj Lage, Prakshapan Shrestha
Language: English
No. of pages: 161
Format: EPUB, PDF

Introduction Getting Started Widgetkit


WWDC20 brought forward a number of exciting changes and features in the Apple ecosystem. It caught the attention of not only the developers but also of the end users, since it introduced some changes that carry the potential to shape the future of the overall Apple ecosystem experience.
People were anticipating the release of the latest version of iOS in the 20th edition of WWDC, and they got exactly what they were waiting for – iOS 14, a package of awesome features and enhancements! Among those features and enhancements, widgets created a lot of buzz in the market.

Before iOS 14, widgets had very limited features, and they could be Getting Started Widgetkit seen in a vertical list of full-width boxes on the Today screen (the screen to the left of the first page of the homescreen). That was quite an injustice for widgets! But iOS 14 has changed the way iOS treated widgets. Now widgets can contain more information and can show up in various sizes. And the best part is that they are no more confined to be on the Today screen. They can be dragged off the Today screen and placed on the homescreen, together with app icons. And trust us, they look beautiful together.