Real World Flutter by Tutorials

Real World Flutter by Tutorials

Real World Flutter by Tutorials Book Details

Title: Real World Flutter by Tutorials
Author: By Matt Galloway & Jonathan Sande
Publisher: Ray Wenderlich
Language: English
Subject: Swift / Computers & Technology / Programming / Apple Programming
No. of pages: 321
Format: PDF, Source code

Recently, I purchased three books, Flutter Apprentice and Dart Apprentice , Real World Flutter by Tutorials from Kodeco – Ray Wenderlich. Now, I’d like to sell them to you for $20 for 3 books. Both books are the latest editions, and if there are any new updates, I will send them to you for free. Payments can be made via Paypal or Bitcoin.

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List Flutter Books:

1, Dart Apprentice

2, Flutter Apprentice

3, Real World Flutter by Tutorials

Introduction Real World Flutter by Tutorials From Ray Wenderlich

Welcome to Real-World Flutter by Tutorials

This book will teach you to build professional iOS and Android apps for the real world using Flutter.

You’ll gain all the foundations of mobile development you need to make the best decisions in your own codebase while addressing critical problems such as state management, user authentication and dynamic theming.

How to Read Real World Flutter by Tutorials Book

After completing Chapter 1, “Setting up Your Environment”, you’re free to skip around chapters. You don’t have to progress through this book linearly.

This book is split into 15 chapters

1. Setting up Your Environment — This chapter welcomes you with an overview of what you’ll build and how the book will work. It sets you up for

2. Mastering the Repository Pattern — Get your data layer under control with the repository pattern. Learn how to properly handle exceptions, write clean

3. Managing State With Cubits & the Bloc Library — This is your first step to becoming a BLoC wizard. Understand what state management is all about and why Blocs and Cubits are the best tools for the job. achieve first-class form validation in Flutter.

4. Validating Forms With Cubits

5. Managing Complex State With Blocs

6. Authenticating Users

9. Internationalizing & Localizing — Learn everything you need to know about Navigator 2, how to set up a robust routing strategy, and how to connect your features in a other languages.

7. Routing & Navigating — Learn how to use theming with dark mode in Flutter apps. Implement the light and dark themes in WonderWords by diving deep into inherited widgets. package. Also learn how to customize a storybook.

8. Deep Linking — Put your routing mechanism to the ultimate test by adding deep link support with the help of Firebase Dynamic Links.

10. Dynamic Theming & Dark Mode — Learn about the need for a component library and storybook. Add platform-specific files to a package, make it runnable as a standalone app and use it to showcase widgets in that Real World Flutter by Tutorials

11. Creating Your Own Widget Catalog

12. Supporting the Development Lifecycle With Firebase — Learn about monitoring app lifecycle with the help of Firebase Analytics and Firebase Crashlytics.

13. Running Live Experiments With A/B Testing & Feature Flags — Learn to test different app features and variations with Firebase Remote Config and Firebase A/B Testing tools.

14. Automated Testing — In this chapter, you’ll learn about automated testing.

15. Automating Test Executions & Build Distributions — This chapter covers automated test execution, project builds for Android and distribution of the builds to Firebase App Distribution.