Beginning iOS Game Center

Beginning iOS Game Center
Beginning iOS Game Center

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Beginning iOS Game Center Book Details

Title: Beginning iOS Game Center
Author: Kyle Richter, Beau G. Bolle
Language: English
No. of pages: 315
Format: PDF, EPUB

Introduction Beginning iOS Game Center

iOS is by far the most popular development platform in the world. With changes to how apps are developed on Apple TV and MacOS, sharing code between platforms has never been easier. As all of these platforms continue to skyrocket in popularity, adding additional rich features to your software is more important than ever. Game Center and GameKit provide an easy path for adding advanced functionality to your software with only a fraction of the work in the past.


This book assumes that you have the basic skills and understanding required to create an iOS, Mac, or Apple TV app. The Beginning iOS Game Center book also assumes that you have the background necessary to work with Xcode 13 or newer. There will be no primer on how to define methods and variables, install and launch Xcode, or create and work with new projects or classes.

There are many excellent books on those topics such as Beginning iPhone Development with Swift by Apress. When you feel comfortable that you are ready to begin working with some of the more advanced framework technologies such as Game Center and GameKit, we assume that you have the basics mastered to a degree that allows you to move through this book without consulting other texts for help.

How This Beginning iOS Game Center Book Is Organized

As you begin working through this book, you will notice that it is broken down into stand-alone chapters. Every effort has been made so that each chapter can be read independently of the others. If you have no experience with Game Center or GameKit yet, it is highly recommended that you read the first two chapters before skipping around, as they will provide you with the basic information on how to get Game Center and GameKit up and running in your development environment.

Each chapter follows along with a simple sample iOS game that is introduced in Chapter 1. Following along with the book from start to finish will walk you through the process of creating a fully functional Game Center– and GameKit-leveraged iOS game. In addition, each chapter will build onto a Game Center Manager class that is designed to be reusable across all of your projects.

If you already have a background in Game Center and GameKit and are looking for help on a specific technology, each chapter is designed to walk you through its covered technology, as well as provide samples on how to apply the technology to your software.

Required Software, Materials, and Equipment

To develop iOS, MacOS, or Apple TV software—and more specifically Game Center– and GameKit-based software—you will first need an Intel- based or ARM Mac computer running MacOS 11 (Big Sur) or newer. While you can develop on older versions of MacOS, it will not support the most up-to-date release of Xcode. You will also need a copy of Xcode, which you can download for free from the Mac App Store or at http://developer. This Beginning iOS Game Center book has been targeted to work with iOS 15.

In addition to the software and hardware requirements, you will also need a developer account provided by Apple. This account lets you build and test software on devices, as well as ship your finished product to the App Store. The software developer account is available for $99 USD a year and you can purchase yours at programs/.