Server Side Swift with Vapor

Server Side Swift with Vapor
Server Side Swift with Vapor

Server Side Swift with Vapor Ray Wenderlich Book Details

Title: Server Side Swift with Vapor
Author: Tim Condon, Tanner Nelson & Logan Wright
Publisher: Ray Wenderlich
Language: English
Subject: Swift / Computers & Technology / Programming / Apple Programming
No. of pages: 1117
Format: PDF, EPUB, Source code

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About This Server Side Swift with Vapor Book

This Server Side Swift with Vapor book provides the building blocks for developers who wish to use Vapor to create server-side Swift applications. It shows you how to take the familiar type-safe, compiler-driven world of Swift you know from iOS and use it on the server.

As you work through the Server Side Swift with Vapor book, you’ll develop a server-side app called TIL — Today I Learned — for recording and categorizing acronyms. You’ll first build a REST API to support iOS and other client apps. Then, you’ll build a web site with direct access to the data and protect it all with authentication.

Section I: Creating a Simple Web API

This section teaches you the beginnings of building Vapor applications, including how to use Swift Package Manager. You’ll learn how routing works and how Vapor leverages the power of Swift to make routing type-safe. You’ll learn how to create models, set up relationships between them and save them in a database. You’ll see how to provide an API to access this data from a REST client. Finally, you’ll build an iOS app which leverages this API to allow users to display and interact with the data.

Section II: Making a Simple Web App

This section teaches you how to build a front-end web site for your Vapor application. You’ll learn to use Leaf, Vapor’s templating engine, to generate dynamic web pages to display your app’s data. You’ll also learn how to accept data from a browser so that users can create and edit your models.This section will provide you the necessary building blocks to build a full website with Vapor.

Section III: Validation, Users & Authentication

This section shows you how to protect your Vapor application with authentication. You’ll learn how to add password protection to both the API and the website, which lets you require users to log in. You’ll learn about different types of authentication: HTTP Basic authentication and token-based authentication for the API, and cookie- and session-based authentication for the web site.
Finally, you’ll learn how to integrate with Google, Github and Apple’s OAuth providers. This allows you to delegate authentication and allow users to utilize their Google, Github or Apple account credentials to access your site.
These chapters will allow you to secure your important routes and keep only allowed routes as unauthenticated. You’ll also learn how to delegate the authentication duties to third party vendors while still keeping your application secure.

Section IV: Advanced Server Side Swift with Vapor

This section covers a number of different topics you may need to consider when developing server-side applications. These chapters will provide you the necessary building blocks to continue on your Vapor adventure and build even more complex and wonderful applications.
The chapters in this section deal with more advanced topics for Vapor and were written by the Vapor Core Team members. These include the use of Caching, Middleware and how to version your database / api including performing migrations.

Section V: Production & External Deployment

This section shows you how to deploy your Vapor application to external Cloud-based providers to offload the job of hosting your application. You’ll learn how to upload to Heroku, a popular platform for deploying applications as well as deploying to AWS or Docker.
The chapters in this section deal with hosting and production concerns when deploying your Vapor application and how to split your application into multiple services (microservices) to balance the load on your application.