iOS 14 Development Essential Training

iOS 14 Development Essential Training

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iOS 14 Development Essential Training Details

Title: iOS 14 Development Essential Training
Author: Simone Alessandria Brian Kayfitz
Language: English
Format: Video

Introduction iOS 14 Development Essential Training

Table of Contents

1 Starting a career in iOS development
2 What you should know before watching
3 Install Xcode and the iOS SDK
4 Create an Xcode project
5 Navigate the Xcode interface
6 Modifying key Xcode preferences
7 Using the iOS simulator
8 Choosing between SwiftUI and storyboards
9 Drag-and-drop user interface creation with storyboards
10 Change a label’s text at runtime
11 Handling a button press
12 Using text gathered from text fields
13 Showing the keyboards
14 Dismissing the keyboard
15 Working with pins
16 Troubleshoot common UI problems
17 Challenge Storyboards
18 Solution Storyboards
19 SwiftUI fundamentals
20 Creating horizontal and vertical layouts
21 Modifying fonts and spacing in SwiftUI
22 Loading Images in SwiftUI
23 Challenge SwiftUI
24 Solution SwiftUI
25 Getting text input with SwiftUI
26 Using a slider in SwiftUI
27 Creating a slider with a color swatch
28 Making a custom SwiftUI view
29 Creating a reusable slider component
30 Increasing reusability in custom views
31 Challenge Build a color picker app
32 Solution Build a color picker app
33 Creating data for a list
34 Using list views
35 Creating detail views
36 Sending data between views and screens
37 Displaying and dismissing popover views
38 Challenge Lists
39 Solution Lists
40 Next steps