WatchOs By Tutorials

WatchOs By Tutorials

WatchOs By Tutorials Ray Wenderlich Book Details

Title: WatchOs By Tutorials
Author: Ehab Amer, Scott Atkinson, Soheil Azarpour, Matthew Morey, Ben Morrow, Audrey Tam & Jack Wu
Publisher: Ray Wenderlich
Language: English
Subject: Swift / Computers & Technology / Programming / Apple Programming
No. of pages: 535
Format: PDF, EPUB, Source code

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1, iOS App Distribution
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3, Ios Apprentice
4, Tvos Apprentice
5, WatchOs By Tutorials
6, Core Data By Tutorials
7, Ios Animations By Tutorials
8, 2D Apple Games By Tutorials
9, 3D Apple Games By Tutorials
10, Design Patterns by Tutorials
11, UIkit Apprentice

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Introduction IOS Apprentice WatchOs By Tutorials Books

In the old days, you always had to install iTunes on your PC to update or sync your iPhone. There were neither over-the-air updates nor iCloud backup or synchronizations. Just as you thought those days were gone, Apple came out with Apple Watch — the tiniest member of the personal devices family. Despite its coolness and elegance, Apple Watch was clumsy. Except for telling time, you needed a paired iPhone to do literally anything. You were always presented with a loading spinner that would sometime go on for seconds, and the navigation was awkward and you had to drill down few pages on a tiny screen to get to your info.

In watchOS 2 we saw a leap forward and Watch apps started running on the Watch itself rather than the phone. In watchOS 3, overall performance of the system was optimized and apps became faster and more responsive. watchOS 4 continues the theme of performance and new and improved features, including a unified runtime process between the Watch and the iPhone, a frontmost app state, Core Bluetooth support for BLE devices, and inline audio recording.

About this WatchOs By Tutorials book

Writing a WatchOs By Tutorials book to teach development on a brand new platform is no easy task. In order to create the most helpful and approachable book possible, this book follows these principles:

  • Real world use cases: There are enough API’s available for watchOS to fill a whole shelf of books! We’ve focused on the API’s and real world problems you’re most likely to run in to. No matter what your app idea is, you’ll gain valuable insight from these pages.
  • Minimum experience required, meaningful value for all: This WatchOs By Tutorials book assumes little about your experience prior to reading. We’ve made sections easy to follow for beginners, and easy to skim for advanced programmers. But even if you’re an experienced engineer, we’ve added tons of content to help you on your journey of watchOS app development.
  • High-quality tutorials: Our site is known for its high-quality programming tutorials, and we’ve put a lot of time and care into the tutorials in this WatchOs By Tutorials book to make them equally valuable, if not more so. Each chapter has been put through a rigorous multi-stage editing process – resulting in some chapters being rewritten several times! We’ve worked hard to ensure that each chapter contains great technical content while also being fun and easy to follow.