2D Apple Games by Tutorials

2D Apple Games by Tutorials

2D Apple Games by Tutorials Ray Wenderlich Book Details

Title: 2D Apple Games by Tutorials
Author: Caroline Begbie, Mike Berg, Michael Briscoe, Ali Hafizji, Marin Todorov and Ray Wenderlich
Publisher: Ray Wenderlich
Language: English
Subject: Swift / Computers & Technology / Programming / Apple Programming
No. of pages: 722
Format: PDF, EPUB, Source code

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2, Swift Apprentice
3, Ios Apprentice
4, Tvos Apprentice
5, WatchOs By Tutorials
6, Core Data By Tutorials
7, Ios Animations By Tutorials
8, 2D Apple Games By Tutorials
9, 3D Apple Games By Tutorials
10, Design Patterns by Tutorials
11, UIkit Apprentice

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Introduction 2D Apple Games by Tutorials Books

In this book, you’ll learn how to make 2D games for iOS, macOS, tvOS and even watchOS. You’ll do this using Swift and Apple’s built-in 2D game framework: SpriteKit. However, this raises a number of questions:

  • Why SpriteKit? SpriteKit is Apple’s built-in framework for making 2D games. It’s easy to learn, especially if you already have some Swift or iOS experience.
  • Why iOS? For a game developer, there’s no better platform. The development tools are well-designed and easy to learn. Plus, the App Store makes it incredibly simple to distribute your game to a massive audience — and get paid for it!
  • Why macOS, tvOS and watchOS? One of the great things about SpriteKit is that it works on iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. If you get your game running on iOS, it’s incredibly easy to get it working on the other platforms too.
  • Why Swift? Swift is an easy language to learn, especially if you’re new to programming.
  • Why 2D? As impressive as 3D games may be, 2D games are a lot easier to make. The artwork is far less complicated, and programming is faster and doesn’t require as much math. All of this allows you, as a developer, to focus on creating killer gameplay. If you’re a beginner, making 2D games is definitely the best way to get started. If you’re an advanced developer, making a 2D game is still much faster than making a 3D game. Since it’s not necessarily the case that you earn more money with 3D games, why not go for the easier win? Plus, some people prefer 2D games anyway! So rest easy — with 2D games and SpriteKit, you’re making great choices!

About this 2D Apple Games by Tutorials book

This 2D Apple Games by Tutorials book is something special to us. Our goal at raywenderlich.com is for this to be the best book on 2D game programming you’ve ever read.

There are a lot of game programming 2D Apple Games by Tutorials books out there, and many of them are quite good, so this might be a lofty goal. But here’s what we’ve done to try to accomplish it:

  • Learn by making games: Other books teach the high-level concepts and show code snippets, but many leave you on your own to put together a complete, functioning game. In this book, you’ll learn by making six games in a variety of genres — games that are actually fun. Our hope is that you can and will reuse techniques or code from these games to make your own games.
  • Learn by challenges: Every chapter in this book includes some challenges at the end that are designed to help you practice what you’ve learned. Following a tutorial is one thing, but applying it yourself is quite another. The challenges in this 2D Apple Games by Tutorials book take off the training wheels and push you to solidify your knowledge by grappling with a problem on your own. Because we’re not mean, we also provide the solutions to our challenges. But try not to look soon, or you might spoil the fun. =]
  • Focus on polish: The key to making a hit game is polish — adding loads of well- considered details that set your game apart. Because of this, we’ve put our money where our mouths are and invested in a top-notch artist and sound designer to create resources for the games in this book. We’ve also included a chapter all about polishing your game with special effects — otherwise known as adding “Juice” — which we think you’ll love.
  • High-quality tutorials: Our site is known for its high-quality programming tutorials, and we’ve put a lot of time and care into the tutorials in this 2D Apple Games by Tutorialsbook to make them equally valuable, if not more so. Each chapter has been put through a rigorous multi-stage editing process — resulting in some chapters being rewritten several times! We’ve strived to ensure that each chapter contains great technical content while also being fun and easy to follow.