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Android Apprentice
Android Apprentice

Android Apprentice Ray Wenderlich Book Details

Title: Android Apprentice
Author: Namrata Bandekar, Tom Blankenship, Darryl Bayliss, Fuad Kamal & Kevin Moore
Publisher: Ray Wenderlich
Language: English
No. of pages: 724
Format: PDF, EPUB, Source code

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List bundle 10 books: Android Bundle:

1, kotlin apprentice
2, Android apprentice
3, Advanced Android App Architecture
4, Kotlin Coroutines by Tutorials
5, Reactive Programming with Kotlin
6, Saving Data on Android
7, Android Test-Driven Development by Tutorials
8, Data Structures and Algorithms in Kotlin
9, Git Apprentice
10, Advance git
11, App design

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Introduction Android Apprentice Books

This Android Apprentice book is your introduction to building great apps for Android, using the Kotlin language. Whether you consider yourself a novice programmer, or have extensive experience programming for other platforms, this is the book for you!

It’s not our aim to teach you all the ins and outs of Android development or the Kotlin language. They are huge concepts on their own and there is no way we can cover everything. Fortunately, all you need is to master the essential building blocks of Kotlin and Android to start creating apps. As you work on more apps, you’ll find the foundations you learn in this Android Apprentice book will give you the knowledge you need to easily figure out more complicated details on your own.

The most important thing you’ll learn is how to think like a programmer. This will help you approach any programming task, whether it’s a game, a utility, a mobile app that uses web services, or anything else you can imagine.

If you’re looking for more background on the Kotlin language, we recommend our book, the Kotlin Apprentice, which goes into depth on the Kotlin language itself

Section I: Your First Android App

This is your introduction to creating apps in Android. This section will take you step- by-step through installing Android Studio and working inside the IDE and visual designer while you build Timefighter, a simple game that uses many common Android components.

Section II: Building a List App

Welcome to Section II of the Android Apprentice book! You’re going to leave behind the last app you made and create a completely new app. This new app is called Listmaker, and will allow you and your users to create handy lists that you can look at later.

In the previous section, you had a starter project to begin building your app. But in this section, you’re going to create your own project from scratch! You’ll go through the steps and choices given to you to ensure your project is set up right from the very start.

You’ll also learn how to persist data to your app using SharedPreferences and create different screens dedicated to different tasks. Towards the end of the section, you’ll learn how to change your App to adapt to different screen sizes using Fragments. Finally, you’ll give Listmaker a design overhaul by enhancing it to follow Material Design. The recommended design language for Android apps.

Section III: Creating Map- Based Apps

In this section, you’ll build PlaceBook, a location based app that lets you bookmark your favorite places and save some notes about each place. This section introduces several new concepts including Google Maps, Room database, drawer navigation, and camera control.

Section IV: Building a Podcast Manager & Player

This section gets a bit more advanced. You’re going to build a podcast manager and player app named PodPlay. You’ll cover networking, notifications, working with REST and XML, and the Android media libraries.

Section V: Android Compatibility

This section covers two Android tutorial topics that are almost as important as your Android app itself: how to handle the collection of Android versions out there, known as the fragmentation problem, and how to best keep your app up to date in the face of constant updates to Android.

Section VI: Publishing Your App with Android Apprentice

Now that you’ve created your app, you need to get it out to the world! This section has two chapters that teach you how to prepare your app for release, how to test your app, and how to publish your app to your waiting fans!