Unity AR & VR by Tutorials

Unity AR & VR by Tutorials

Unity AR & VR by Tutorials Wenderlich Book Details

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Title: Unity AR & VR by Tutorials
Author: By Jimmy Alamparambil, Matt Larson, Jonathan Ogle-Barrington & Eric Van de Kerckhove
Publisher: Ray Wenderlich
Language: English
No. of pages: 536
Format: PDF, EPUB, Source code

List bundle 3 books: Mega Unity Bundle:

1, Unity Games By Tutorials Make 4 complete unity games
2, Beat ’Em Up Game Starter Kit – Unity
3, Unity AR & VR by Tutorials

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Section I: Introduction Unity AR & VR by Tutorials

Welcome to the first section of the Unity AR & VR by Tutorials book where you’ll get your feet wet by learning all about the amazing features of virtual reality.

This section act as an introduction to VR and its many use cases. It also covers the history of VR and compares the VR hardware we have available to us today.

These chapters are the start of your virtual reality adventures:

  • Chapter 1: New Realities: Before diving off the deep end, take a moment to reflect on how we got to these exciting times for virtual reality. Learn about the history of VR and its humble beginnings.
  • Chapter 2: Platforms & Experiences: Explore the different virtual reality platforms and learn about what sets them apart from each other. If you’re not sure what hardware to get, this will make your decision a lot easier.

Section II: Beginning VR

Congratulations for making it through the first section. Now it’s time to put that basic knowledge you learned to work.

In this section, you’ll set up everything for VR and learn about VRTK and its advantages over using the standard plugins provided by the headset developers. You’ll also implement some very interesting mechanics that you can easily use in your own games and experiences. To top it all off, learn all about increasing performance and the dangers of virtual movement and its effect on the human body.

Specifically, these aspects of VR are covered:

  • Chapter 3: VRTK Setup: In this chapter you’ll learn about VRTK and its alternatives. You’ll also set up the needed devices and your development environment.
  • Chapter 4: VR Movement: Moving around in VR is lots of fun, but you’ll need to keep some things in mind to prevent you and your players from getting sick. This chapter explains how to get around in a virtual space using different types of input and covers what to watch out for.
  • Chapter 5: Interactions: A game or experience wouldn’t be worth its salt without allowing the player to interact with its surroundings in immersive ways. In this chapter, you’ll learn about implementing basic interactions.
  • Chapter 6: User Interfaces for VR: Most games need some sort of user interface Unity AR & VR by Tutorials, whether it’s to keep score or show a health bar. Learn how to create a world space UI in this chapter.
  • Chapter 7: Optimization & Motion Sickness: This chapter explains how to make your games and experiences nice and snappy while avoiding motion that affects the player negatively.

Section III: Advanced VR

If you want to take your VR skills even further, this section is for you. Delve into advanced topics like special interactions and interesting ways of getting around in the virtual space. Create natural feeling user interfaces around the player and their virtual hands. Lastly, explore how VR goes further than just entertainment.

This advanced VR section explains the following topics:

  • Chapter 8: Advanced VR Interactions: Take your VR skills to the next level by using VRTK to create satisfying interactions with objects in the virtual world. In this chapter Unity AR & VR by Tutorials, you’ll dive deeper into VRTK and the tools it provides.
  • Chapter 9: Advanced VR Movement: Now that you’ve mastered basic movement, it’s time to take a look at some other options. This chapter delves into several ways of locomotion and shows how to use them in practice.
  • Chapter 10: Advanced VR User Interfaces: This chapter explores more advanced ways of showing user interface elements with a curved canvas and a menu that’s attached to the controller.
  • Chapter 11: VR in Interactive Media: VR is used in more than just games; there’s a wide range of industries out there utilizing virtual worlds and objects to save time and express concepts and ideas. In this chapter, you’ll get an introduction to different ways of using VR.

Section IV: Introduction to AR

Get up to speed with the current AR technology in this section. Learn about the history of AR from its humble beginnings up to the current day and compare the available hardware so you can make a concise decision on what to use for your next project.

This sections includes:

  • Chapter 12: Augmented Reality: Explore the history of augmented reality, and learn about the fundamental technology behind it. Find out what makes AR different from VR, and learn about Unity AR & VR by Tutorials some examples of AR being used currently in this enlightening chapter.
  • Chapter 13: Augmented Reality Platforms: This chapter delves into the various AR platforms that are commonly being used at this time: ARKit, ARCore, Hololens, and Magic Leap. If you’re wondering what AR hardware to get, this chapter will get you up to speed on the current options and summarizes the pros and cons for each.